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Jamie Serafi Is Just Such An Artist

It isn't often that one gets to work with an artist who has such a rare combination of extraordinary talent and unrelenting dedication and passion. Jamie Serafi is just such an artist. His musical genius goes far beyond creating an unforgettable melody--which he does extremely well. It extends to his remarkable ability to capture the very heart and sole of a project, transforming it into pure magic. The original soundtracks he created for "Kandide and the Secret of the Mists" (www.kandide.com/music.html) are as unforgetable as they are enticing, and as captivating as they are powerful. And he is great to work with--a real plus in this crazy business.

Diana S. Zimmerman

Jamie Enhanced My Film In A BIG Way

Jamie was a pleasure to work with, full of enthusiasm and creative
ideas which enhanced my film in a big way.

Joachim De Smedt
Film Director

I Was Impressed And Moved By His Ability

I invited Jamie with only a week or so in hand to compose a piece of music for my short wildlife film 'Chasing Pavements'. Not only did he manage this in the time scale available but he was particular in getting it just right. I was impressed and moved by his ability to produce such wonderful music which not only compliments but enhances the film and brings it alive.

Rachel Wegh
Film Director

Jamie Serafi Is Quite Simply Brilliant

Jamie Serafi is quite simply brilliant. He can weave together really beautiful pieces of
music to match your film footage. Use him now before he gets an Oscar.

Jamie Is Passionate

Jamie’s ability to listen and understand direction for film scoring is precise and enables an efficient workflow with great results.  He has a
firm grasp of emotional concept and story points being able to deliver fitting sequences, orchestrating the music around the film. Jamie is passionate, hard-working, and flexible when working in difficult
situations with tight timeframes.  Listening to what is required and translating that to fantastic sound-scapes, I would highly recommend having him on board your production.

Garry Paton
Film Director

Jamie Is Wonderful To Work With

Jamie is wonderful to work with.  He has a deft gift to hear the filmmaker's vision for the film's mood and tempo and turn that vision into a tantalizing score.  We were juggling a lot of different elements - a tight deadline, a very specific modern-ethnic sound, and some technical barriers - but Jamie not only rose to the challenge and more than hit the mark, he was also unfaltering pleasant and ever-flexible.  What Jamie brings to the table with his combination of musical talent and accommodating work ethic is the exactly the sort of composer most filmmakers are looking for and I'll definitely think of him first when doing future projects.

Whitney Nožisková
Film Director

Thank You Again Jamie

Jamie Serafi has created wonderful pieces of music for the Urology Foundation Film.  Jamie offered to help the Urology Charity, and are indebted to him for his support and creativity.  I provided Jamie with a copy of the film and an email vaguely asking for some music.  He returned with outstanding pieces of music that not only compliment the film but enhance it, bringing the film to a whole new level. I not only recommend Jamie as a composer, but I will use him again in the future.  Thank you again Jamie.