Jamie Serafi is a versatile media composer with over twenty years’ experience composing music for film, animation and theatre, including feature films, TV documentaries, the channel identity music for a Sky TV Channel and an interactive video game for the Tate Modern kids website.

In 2016 Jamie composed the musical score for ‘Ave Maria’ – an Oscar nominated short film by director Basil Khalil

Jamie is also founder and Creative Director of COOL CHOIR, Calgary’s first ever group of non-auditioned, adult rock and pop choirs spread across multiple locations. With over 200 members, they meet weekly and enjoy singing classic rock and pop songs in rich harmony by legendary artists through Jamie’s unique and fresh choral arrangements.

Jamie sits on the panel as a judge of the UK Songwriting Contest – the largest songwriting contest in the world and judges the instrumental category annually.
Please see http://www.songwritingcontest.co.uk/the-judges.html for more information



I Write Music From My Heart

I live the emotions personally of the people and situations on screen and compose what I feel. This way, my music becomes more of a 'snapshot' or 'photograph' of an emotion or moment in time as opposed to something which is academically planned and can therefore risk sounding contrived.

Jamie Serafi